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Access JumpStart 2.0

A Rapid Development Framework for Microsoft Access

Why use Access JumpStart?

Access JumpStart is the perfect way to kick start new applications or give additional capabilities to existing Microsoft Access applications.

What is Access JumpStart?

Access JumpStart provides a feature-rich Microsoft Access application template, consisting of Front-end and Back-end Access database files.

Benefits of Access JumpStart (AJS)

  • Reduces your time and effort to deploy a Microsoft Access application.
  • Helps you provide a consistent look and feel to your customer within and between applications.
  • Reduces your effort and clock time to enhance delivered Access applications.
  • Minimizes your effort to diagnose and repair problems.
  • Gives you more time to focus on the business rules, workflow and user interface characteristics unique to each customer situation, for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improves user productivity because each end user has a view of the application tailored to their role, such as Manager, Salesperson, Billing Clerk, etc.
  • Allows you to give a level of operational control to customer Administrators, thereby reducing your support workload and improving customer satisfaction.
  • The customer experiences reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) of problems encountered.
  • You can easily provide auditing messages for customer Managers, etc.

Get Started


Get Access JumpStart and a complimentary month of support.

Lock-in Updates for a Year!

$19.99 per month*

Get on-going support and access to updates.

*$219.99 ($18.33/mo) annually for updates and support

Licensed on a per-seat basis. Each developer must obtain a license to use the product. Applications built with a licensed copy of the AJS product may be freely distributed to your end-user customers. There are no licensing requirements for such applications.

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