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A Rapid Development Framework for Microsoft Access

I started a series on Access JumpStart yesterday with an overall summary of what we were trying to accomplish with it within our company and as a product. Internally we are currently using AJS version 2.1, and we are packaging it up now to update on our web site. For anyone who has purchased the product in the last month we will provide an updated package for them.

Today I want to give an overview of some of the documentation that comes with the system to get you started using it.

These particular files are available for download prior to purchasing the product at this URL:
Access JumpStart description – Knowledgebase – Halder Consulting, Inc

You can download 5 different files at that link that help you more fully understand what the product looks like and what it contains.

  • Product Benefits – This has an overview of the benefits of the system, brief Licensing considerations, and the structure of the system.
  • Read Me First – This explains how to quickly use the files in the package to get it configured and fired up and has a little tour of the system. Hint: you save the zip file from the email you are sent to a folder, unzip the file into it’s own folder, and click on the Front End file to get started.
  • Technical Overview – This document contains more information about the system structure and discusses the third party products we use and recommend that work well with AJS. It also explains the options available for the main subsystems of the software.
  • Release Notes – What it sounds like. What has changed in the releases of the software to date.
  • License – Describes what your purchase allows you to do with the software and delivering it with customer projects.

When you purchase the product you receive more documentation including the all-important Checklists for helping to integrate the product into your Access project.

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